Quality Breeder Checklist

Please be informed and responsible when adopting or purchasing any pet.  Temperament is just as important as knowing the specific breed that works best for your family and an experienced breeder will know which pup is the right match for you. Picking the wrong breed or the wrong temperament may lead to behavioural issues that may be quite difficult to correct, unfortunately many of these unsuccessful matched pets end up at our local shelters and rescues.

** Be aware that breeding registries such as the CKC and AKC etc.. do not monitor their registered breeders, most will never even be inspected by the registry. So receiving a piece of paper of registration does not guarantee a reputable breeder who is breeding top quality, healthy animals so please do your research! Puppy mills have also been known to falsify papers and tattoos as a way to charge more for their animals. **

NBC Breeding Registry Investigation

Bottom line: Quality breeders are proud to show their breeding facilities and their healthy, happy dogs to anyone who shows interest and they are responsible enough to ensure that their pups are going with the most compatible forever homes.

Quality breeders will never sell their animals to pet stores. Breeders who supply their puppies to pet stores will never know the quality of their pups and will irresponsibly continue to breed and allow the cycle of preventable genetic problems to continue. Please keep in mind when you are corresponding with any breeder; if you are unable to see their breeding facilities and the breeding female or if they do not have a contract for you to sign then it is best to simply walk away. Until laws are put into place to help protect pet guardians then it is our duty to take responsibility and make an informed decision when purchasing any pet.

Never buy a puppy unless you can see where the breeding female & her puppies are cared for. When you visit the establishment make sure the breeder meets all of the minimum criteria listed below. If the kennel does not meet or exceed this criteria then, as hard as it may be, you must WALK AWAY! IF IN DOUBT . . . LEAVE WITHOUT!


You can find reputable breeders by asking for referrals from your veterinarian or local breed/kennel clubs. A quality breeder NEVER sells their puppies to a pet store. They care where their pups go and will do everything they possibly can to ensure their pup is an excellent match with the buyer, which can include home-checks and asking for referrals from you.

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