Sala's Story . . .

A few years ago (dog groomer) Angella had acquired a 1 Year old Shih Tzu pup from the same local pet store. This pup had already been through two other homes due to poor socialization, training and behavior problems. Within a couple of months Angella's client realized that they were unable to manage this excitable, high energy dog and asked Angella if she knew of anybody who would adopt her.

Knowing that Sala would be onto her 4th home at such an early age (14 months) broke Angella's heart, so she brought Sala home with her, where she continues to receive endless kisses & love along with her 2 other four legged family members.

Sala needed a family that would never give up on her, or her fate would sadly become realized like so many unwanted dogs in shelters; euthanized because no one would take the time to give them the love and attention that they so desperately need.

A responsible, quality breeder would have had a signed and binding contract to have the pup returned to them and that same experienced breeder would have the knowledge to look for the right family that could have managed the care that Sala needed instead of her going through the stress of jumping every 3-4 months to a different inexperienced home.