Katie's Story . . .

When we purchased her we inquired about the breeders and were told that she came from up the island and that they were restricted telling us any further information.  I asked what would happen if there was something wrong with her, and they said there was a certificate for one Vet checkup, and if there was anything wrong with her it was not the store's responsibility but the responsibility of the owner . . . 'just as though it was a family member, you deal with what comes up.'

Katie's date of birth was listed as March 5, 2005, which puts her at less than 7 weeks of age when she was taken from her mother and brought down to Victoria.  Her personality was always timid, but has become increasingly more fearful as she has grown, and now has come to the point of being distinctively fearful aggressive. Even when we took her to puppy classes, she did not mingle but stayed under my chair cowering.

I believe now that it was a mistake to take a small breed dog from its mother so young, and would never purchase from a pet store again, as the early modeling of appropriate Behaviour from a natural pack leader is lost through those crucial early weeks.  I fully support Angella's quest to shut down puppy mills and post this note in hopes that other kind hearted animal lovers would be more aware than I was and do better research than I did.  

We are committed to doing the best we can by this little dog for her lifetime, but I deeply regret purchasing her without fully assessing the situation. Life is so much more complicated when one is concerned to leave one's dog alone with friends and small children for fear of biting and aggression.  


AP  Victoria, BC