We bought him at 8 weeks old, after a lot of anxiety as to whether we were contributing to the puppy mill atrocity. We eventually were convinced by the store owner that Bogey was from a reputable breeder - she was very convincing. Looking back, I now realize how suspicious it was that we could not receive any formal papers on Bogey (although we didn't care if he was purebred or not). I don't remember any more what the explanation was, but it seemed reasonable at the time. We were told that the breeder only bred once every two years, there was no inbreeding, and that the breeder was reliable, and cared about the animals etc. We were no doubt gullible, because by then we had fallen in love.

Bogey demonstrated signs of arthritis at 8 months old in his back left hip. He would wake up in the morning stiff and sore. Our vet took x-rays, which I saw, and I was shocked to see that the ball of his hipbone had basically disintegrated. He was diagnosed with Calf-Legg Perthe Disease, which tends to strikes young puppies (adolescents also can contract this disease). The only answer was to essentially amputate the tip of the bone. Over time it would heal and create it's own "false joint". We spent around $2000 on surgery.

Although it was successful we were told it is one of the most painful recoveries an animal can go through, as for several weeks raw bone was rubbing on raw bone every time Bogey moved and the meds made him hallucinate. He was in a lot of pain, but was incredibly brave and dug himself even deeper into our hearts. He is now at about 98% movement and does not suffer from arthritis any more. Luckily, Calf-Legg Perthe disease is not progressive, and hopefully Bogey will not need any other surgeries.

Although we cannot prove it, we feel fairly certain that Bogey contracted this disease due to genetics. We would love to know how many other pups from this breeder have had this problem, but there is no way to check as the Pet Store will not provide any breeder information.

KK, Victoria B.C.