Allie's Story . . .

Allie is a 10 month Toy Poodle mix who was purchased from a local pet store in Victoria B.C. As Allie was being groomed she suddenly collapsed on the table because her knee had come out of it's socket and she could no longer stand on her own!!

The owner knew exactly what to do, she quickly picked up her crying puppy and worked the knee back into the socket. The owner explained to the groomer that Allie needed extensive surgery to fix this very serious condition but she had to be older for the Vet to successfully operate on her. In the mean time this poor puppy would need to deal with this very painful problem of her knee coming out of it's own socket, which usually occurs about 5 times a day!!

Six months later Allie underwent the painful and very expensive surgery of having her knees reset and have pins put in to hold them in place. Today she is fully recovered and very much loved by her owners who hopes in sharing this story will raise awareness of what may happen when you buy a "Pet Store Puppy."