What is a “Puppy Broker”?


A middle man who buys puppies from a puppy mill (example video) usually in a large quantity instead of breeding dogs themselves. Brokers will then sell their stock of puppies to either pet stores or through newspaper ads where the puppies will then be sold at a house masquerading as a loving home where no adult dogs will be present. Brokers are also known to masquerade as a rescue group!!!                          **Puppy mill dogs are always kept away from the scrutiny of the public eye as the years of neglect and abuse will be quite apparent.**

Puppy mill brokers know all to well how to market themselves to potential buyers and will prey upon an individual’s lack of knowledge.

Currently there are no laws stating that pet stores must disclose to their buyers of where their puppies actually have come from.* So pet stores (and brokers) can then say that their puppies are coming from quality dogs from reputable breeders or from rescues or shelters or say whatever they think the buyer will want to hear to make a sale.* They will pass themselves off as individuals who care about the dogs and will insist on protecting their breeders/rescues privacy; therefore they will not disclose any breeder or kennel or shelter information.

A person selling an entire litter “for a friend” or who does not have the female (dam) dog present likely did not actually breed themselves & the litter likely came from a puppy mill. A reputable, responsible breeder will ALWAYS have their female present for viewing, they will ALWAYS insist on including a binding contract and they would NEVER sell their puppies to a pet store.

How to Identify a Puppy Broker.

There are two factors which allow a puppy broker to do business: your lack of knowledge and your impatience to have a dog of a certain breed. If you want a quality, healthy dog, do not allow these things to be used against you. Educate yourself and be patient.

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