Real Survivors

 Our Pet Store Puppies’ stories were submitted by Angella;

” I hope that these stories will help others to make the right choice when purchasing a puppy. Animals should never be bought impulsively; both temperament & breed need to be well matched with the right families. Quality breeders & rescue groups can help you with this decision so please do your homework & buy/adopt responsibly. Please email me if you have a similar story that you would like to share & please include a picture of your little survivor.”  


Lily’s Story, by Rich Strader:

Lily was born, raised and perhaps had 13 litters of puppies at the Reedgate Kennels before we were able to buy her at auction. Her time there was spent in a wire cage with a board to sleep on and a rabbit waterer to drink from.While in the mill she received little or no vet care and because of this she lost all her teeth and her lower jaw rotted off, which is not unusual for the smaller breeds in the puppy mills…. …. read more

Lily’s Poems

Lily’s Legacy Video


My daughter and I purchased our yorkie-bichon dog, ‘Katie’, from a local pet store on April 29th, 2005. She had been in the store a week, and was the last of her litter left in the empty glass-windowed cage. Apparently she lost her final sibling the day before and staff told us that she had been ‘crying’ all day.We were allowed to play with her, and lost our hearts to this little fluff ball, who could barely put one foot in front of the other . . read more


is of a woman who had fallen in love with a picture she saw of a Cairn Terrier puppy which was on a local pet store’s web site here in Victoria B.C. Canada.

Within weeks this 7 month old Cairn Terrier pup was discovered to have a devasting bone disease called Legg-Calve-Perthes which resulted in thousands of dollars worth of surgery needed to fix his hip… read more

UPDATE; Rest in Peace Bogey -January’2005 – October’2013


Hunter is a Golden Retreiver who was bought from the same local pet store in Victoria B.C. Canada. The first year of his life involved the pain and discomfort associated with a horrible condition involving his knees; he had ripped ligaments and the maniscus is shattered on both rear knees (TPL). Now, at the age of 2, he is recovering from this $10,000 surgery involving his knees and is now faced with two more upcoming surgeries to fix his hips as he was just diagnosed with hip displasia. Each hip costs $7000!! Thankfully his family has the means to provide the necessary surgeries that will allow Hunter to run and play with his family.


A few years ago Angella had acquired a 1 Year old Shih Tzu pup from the same local pet store. This pup had already been through two other homes due to poor socialization, training and behavior problems. Within a couple of months Angella’s client realized that they were unable to manage this excitable, high energy dog and asked her if she knew of anybody who would adopt her…  read more



Allie is a 10 month Toy Poodle mix who was purchased from a local pet store in Victoria B.C. As Allie was being groomed she suddenly collapsed on the table because her knee had come out of it’s socket and she could no longer stand on her own…. read more

Cherished Pets or Greedy Profit

A Victoria resident, against all of her beliefs bought a toy poodle from a nearby pet store & this was her experience.

When this pup was spotted in the pet store it was love at first sight, he was purchased & brought to his new home. Later that same day this Victoria resident realized that she was having allergic reactions to this hypoallergenic pup, so she was forced to phone the pet store (that same day) and asked if they could take him back.

The pet store refused to take back the puppy!!! This very distraught resident reluctantly called me as she did not know what to do. So I picked up the pup that night. Luckily, because of my connections as a dog groomer I was able to find this pup his forever home.


After reading the above stories you can see why we can not ignore this issue any longer. The puppy mill business has absolutely no regard for the health and welfare of it’s animals and we ask you to please show your support in this very important cause by BOYCOTTING ALL pet stores that buy & sell puppies.