Buyer Beware

Puppy mills have been around for decades & they continue to thrive by preying on consumers who are either impatient or lacking the knowledge of what a responsible, quality breeder is. Too often when a consumer sees a puppy in a pet store or on a fancy website, the love at first sight takes over & the supply & demand allows puppy mills to run rampant.

Puppy Mills (of all sizes & conditions) are continual breeding facilities that breed for profit while providing little to no veterinary care; leaving painful disfigurements & diseases untreated resulting in poorly bred dogs & puppies that have physical & behavioural issues caused from such severe neglect.

Imagine the life of a puppy mill dog; a life of terror & abuse

Imagine poor quality food (often found stale/rotten) & water (dirty with algae); just enough given to them to barely keep them alive, encouraging extreme aggressive behaviour among the animals that are caged together.

Imagine a 5 month old female puppy housed with 2-4 males who will fight one another to repeatedly & constantly jump the female at every opportunity to ensure that the female will have her first litter after her very first heat!! Once the puppies are weaned they are stripped from the mom and shipped off to be sold; either to a store, a broker’s home, or through classified ads. The mom is returned to the males where she will be tormented and bred over and over again….

Imagine cages/runs housing; tens, hundreds, thousands of puppies & dogs; indoor cages that have such poor ventilation that the build up of ammonia from the urine constantly burns their eyes leading to permanent blindness.

Imagine outdoor cages/runs that do not have adequate shelter from the elements of the weather; little to no shade from the sun, allowing the metal to heat up to the point where most puppies cannot survive, little to no insulation from the cold so the dogs will need to use their body heat, huddling together to stay alive.

Imagine wire cages with wire on the bottom stacked on top of one another allowing the excrement from the top cage to fall through to the ground & on to the dogs/puppies below; matting their fur which left over time causes intense pain while the urine is left to burn their skin. Their pads of their feet become raw covered in open sores from never having relief from the bottom of the wire cage.

Imagine the frail-tired body of a puppy mill dog that can no longer breed who will either be sold to another mill, inhumanely executed or left abandoned in a shed or dumped in the woods to starve to death.

Imagine never knowing a gentle hand, a loving touch, a toy, a soft bed or a home to call their own.

So buyer beware, please remember the next time you visit the friendly facade of the local pet store, the adorable/innocent images on a breeder’s” website, or read the neighborhood newspaper ad, there often lies a puppy mill. Never buy from an unknown source, remember the innocent prisoners, the dogs that you will never see, the dogs imprisoned their entire life abused, neglected & alone.

Each year millions of companion animals are destroyed through euthanasia due to the greed of commercial puppy mills, the ignorance of Poor/Back Yard Breeders and irresponsible pet owners. New laws, public awareness and compassion will end the suffering of these voiceless creatures.

SCAM ALERT: There is a PUPPY BROKER on the Lower Mainland masquerading as a RESCUE ORGANIZATION.

Please beware of these scams and if you need more help or information on how to recognize these scams contact us. Help us to help the dogs!!

*Remember puppy mills know what to say & they know what their consumers want to hear. So if are unable to see the puppies mother or if you are unable to view the breeders facilities simply walk away & report any neglect or abuse to your local SPCA or animal control office immediately.*