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Hello, I would like to share with you the journey of this puppy mill campaign. My name is Angella Machholz (Executive Director) & I have been a local dog groomer here in Victoria B.C for over 18 years & during that time I became increasingly frustrated as to where my clients were acquiring their puppies &/or dogs from.

Since I knew that puppy mills existed, I tried to do my part by educating my clients about the puppy mill industry. However in spite of my efforts I felt like I was not doing enough, as I continued to hear of pets being bought from unknown sources. I knew that buying from these unknown sources would only risk perpetuating the cycle of terror & abuse by allowing puppy mills to flourish. So I knew that I needed an outlet that would enable me to reach & help more people, so in 2007 that is when I teamed up with other like minded individuals to develop our first campaign website; www.saynotopetstorepuppies.com . However we soon realized that this was isolating & targeting only one avenue (among many) that puppy millers use to sell their stock (puppies/dogs), so that is when our campaign website evolved into www.shutdownpuppymills.com .


Over a very short period of time “Shut Down Puppy Mills” quickly became a successful known educational/awareness tool exposing the shocking reality of the deplorable puppy mill industry. Most importantly through this campaign we have sparked the interest of city councillors who often refer to “Shut Down Puppy Mills” when moving forward in implementing changes to existing & new laws/bylaws pertaining to the sale of puppies in pet stores both in Victoria & Langley.

We are pleased to announce as of Sept. 28th 2011, we have changed our website domain from shutdownpuppymills.com to www.shutdownpuppymills.ca as we are canadian based. Therefore we are no longer affiliated with the shutdownpuppymills.com web site.

All of the puppy mill photo’s on the www.shutdownpuppymills.ca website are real puppy mill images & have been provided exclusively for our campaign by a dedicated photographer Clay Myers of Best Friends Animal Sanctuary; as well as all of our fundraising event photos were also provided exclusively for our campaign & donated by a local photographer.

** There are no fancy graphics & no images that were bought to add unnecessary content to this website. **

As well as all of the campaign material such as Billboard, bumper stickers, rack cards etc were created by Graphic FX.

** Please be aware that links to our Shutdownpuppymills.ca website which are found on other websites may or may not represent the views & opinions of www.shutdownpuppymills.ca **