Canadian Laws

The Laws in Canada

Did you know that technically puppy mills are not illegal!  Canada’s cruelty laws do not protect mill dogs, unless they are in terrible conditions!  Our government does not regulate commercial breeders, so they cannot even be tracked, so we don’t know who they are, where they are and what they are up to! 

If you suspect you have been to a mill or have been to a breeders home that you  are concerned with, please phone your local SPCA immediately. Without taking action, nothing will change, it’s up to those who witness cruelty to report it.

Canada’s cruelty animals act (criminal code 444-447) has remained largely unchanged since it’s inception in 1892. While provincial laws vary, the federal legislation sets uniformed standards for care, handling, disposal of animals and transporting them in and out of Canada.

For More information please visit; Bill s-203

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