Puppy Mill Awareness is now being discussed within our schools!

UPDATE; We have recently been invited to do our second puppy mill awareness presentation with a grade 4 class in the Ecole Macaulay Elementary School, located in Victoria B.C. on April 29th 2013!! Our third presentation with a grade 4/5 class will again be held at the Victor- Brodeur school on June 10th 2013 and our fourth presentation with a grade 6/7 class at the Landsdowne school on Sept.23rd 2013!!!!

We are eager to have the opportunity to discuss with the students, the puppy mill industry, how to avoid contributing to their existence, the advantages of dealing with reputable/ responsible breeders, while discussing the over pet population issue and the many benefits of rescuing animals from rescue groups & shelters.

On Monday, April 29th 2013 we were invited to talk with a grade 4 class at the Macaulay Elementary school, although they were unaware of the puppy mill industry, they were very eager to learn and their questions reflected that. One student in particular asked ” what about the puppies in the mills, why can’t we buy them, what will happen to them if no one rescues them? “. Sadly as long as there are puppy mills in existence there will always be casualties. This is why it is so important to NEVER risk purchasing your beloved pet through an unknown source.

Pictures of our April 29th presentation

On Monday, Feb.13th 2012 I was invited to talk with a grade 4-5 class about puppy mills in the Victor-Brodeur school in Victoria B.C. Since this was my first talk in a school, I was eager to learn just how much children knew about this issue & I was pleased to hear their interpretation. Their questions & concerns were all very valid & I felt that they left that classroom today armed with enough knowledge to make a more informed decision the next time they play a role in bringing home their next furry companion. Each of the students were given informative packages (containing; crossword puzzles, word searches & brochures) to learn more with their family & friends to further their puppy mill awareness.



Kindness in Action!! Get on the Map!

Since we felt this talk made an impact on these children, we would like to offer similar talks to other schools (grades 4-6) in the Victoria area once a month (Currently we only have October and November left for 2013) If you are a teacher & you would like to invite us into your classroom to provide a similar discussion then please contact us today.

Each student will be sent home with a package consisting of;

Crossword Puzzle – Gr.4:5 Learning about PuppyMills

Word search for grade 4 and 5

Raeside Anti puppy mill strips

1 rack card and sticker

1 magnet

A special thank you goes out to the Victor-Brodeur school for giving these children an opportunity to learn more with regards to this very important issue.

Thank you Kathy Phillips & her little survivor “Rinpy” for sharing a part of their lives with others….

**View** U-Tube Video of the Victor Brodeur students Puppy mill School Project;


Students from the Ecole Bilingue chose Shut Down Puppy Mills for their fundraising project!! The funds collected and donated has been used for prepaying for 4 months worth of ads running in both the Vancouver Sun and the Province newspapers.
Below is the updated note from the teacher:

” This project all started with a class of 26 students doing a research on an organization they would like to support, and to fundraise money for a good cause. Keeping fit is very important to us, so we decided to walk/jog 5 km and raise funds at the same time. Each child presented their research findings and the class voted on the best organization to support. Yours was the chosen one! We are dog lovers, and we wanted to bring awareness to the public and educate them about the situation of dogs in puppy mills.

To get ready for the event, we trained for a few months by walking/jogging around our Ecole Bilingue school perimeter, starting with 3 times around the school, right up to 12 times around to make it up to 5 km. Our 5 km walk/jog event was held last Wednesday, June 16th, 2010. We left the school at 09:00 with parents helping to supervise the group and we made our way to a park nearby our school called Douglas Park. There, we walked and ran as a group around the perimeter of the large park. It was a fun time. The children were very enthusiastic and as they walked and ran, a group would call out “Shut Down” and the others would answer “Puppy Mills”! Our morning ended with a picnic in the park with parents supporting us and bringing us goodies. Good luck in all of your endeavors and keep up the good work! Together we can eradicate puppy mills!!!”  . . . Read the letter below…..

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